Release Notes

Go Integrator Nava will have technical documentation produced and distributed alongside the launch of each software update.

Go Integrator Nava

Version Build Update
4.1.3 2320 Improvement to handling new access code templates for the purpose of preparing to upgrade to version 4.2
4.1.3 2320 Resolved issue with Legacy add-ins which caused the client to stop working during calls
4.1.2 1742 Outbound dialed number format can change – caused by “Automatic Number Correction” setting
4.1.2 1742 Resolved netsapiens UK accounts not being detected as UK

Over 200 Supported Applications

Standard integrations come with the product, you’ll find more than 80 applications on the standard list.

What's Nava?

Go Integrator Nava is a unified communications client for netsapiens hosted telephony platforms. It provides integration to contact-orientated business systems and CRM applications, offering a standard set of integration features with over 350 popular cross-vertical and vertical-specific applications.

Activity Logging in CRM

Manually or automatically create an activity record for a call received within the integrated business application and the addition of notes.

Easy to Configure and Use

Go Integrator Nava allows for easy setup with dynamic integrated help found right in the client!

Search CRM

Custom built Add-in to your preferred CRM, if you don’t find yours listed on the product website, reach out to our integrations team.

Stay up to date

Follow us on LinkedIn for daily updates on product releases, events we are attending, and newly added supported apps.