Go Integrator Nava Licenses

A three-tier licensing model has been introduced with Go Integrator Nava. The licenses are each a superset of each other, with a user only ever requiring a single license to be assigned.


Great for Click-to-dial users, Microsoft Outlook or Google Contact integration, or easy access to the netsapiens Address Book.


This license includes Microsoft Teams integration and is used for small to medium sized companies. Call Events feature also included.


The complete license includes all features and is the license needed when integrating a business database or CRM application.

Go Integrator Nava

Feature Solo Team Unite
Presence / BLF
Address book
Call history
Recent calls
Missed calls notification
Call control (will vary by device type)
Preview window
Call Toolbar
Busylight support
App Bar
Preferred Device (Multi-device support)
Search and Call app for MS Teams client
Softphone (Citrix and Terminal Services Not supported)
Preferred device (Multi-device support)
Custom Events
Client API
CRM integrations (MS Outlook / Google Contacts only)
CRM integrations (All others)
Microsoft Teams Solo Team Unite
Microsoft TeamsShow, Add, Pop CRM contact for call ringing / answered using Microsoft Teams##
Microsoft TeamsSelect Microsoft Teams as preferred dialing device#
Microsoft TeamsOpen Microsoft Teams chat from Nava Presence
Microsoft TeamsShow photo / avatar in Nava Presence
Microsoft TeamsShow peers Microsoft Teams availability### (Beta)

# Require MS Teams direct routing (or similar) / Microsoft 365 Business Voice 

## Require MS Teams direct routing (or similar) 

### Currently available as a customer beta feature only with limited support. Feature may change without notice. 

Easy to Configure and Use

Go Integrator Nava allows for easy setup with dynamic integrated help found right in the client!

What's Nava?

Go Integrator Nava is a unified communications client for netsapiens hosted telephony platforms. It provides integration to contact-orientated business systems and CRM applications, offering a standard set of integration features with over 350 popular cross-vertical and vertical-specific applications.

New CRM Added

8 new additions to the supported CRM list!

Who's Mondago?

Mondago a leader in CTI and CRM Integration, provides CTI software solutions with an emphasis to CRM Integration to UC Hosted Platforms across the globe.

Newly Added CRM Integrations

Already supporting over 200 different CRM applications, Nava will also get quarterly updates with the latest CRM add-ins!

Activity Logging in CRM

Manually or automatically create an activity record for a call received within the integrated business application and the addition of notes.