Device Control

The following table explains the expected Go Integrator Nava call control functionality by device type.

Please note:

  • All results assume the Primary “Device type” is set to Deskphone.
  • Softphone is only available on the Go Integrator Nava for Windows client.
  • The Primary device is identified as the device that has no suffix in the identity / name field.
  • *Go Integrator Nava Softphone Decline call is dependant on the Go Integrator Nava software version.
  • Results assume the call is presented to all devices (simultaneous ring) assigned to the user.
  • Classic Deskphone results are based on a Yealink handset.
  • “N/A” means the test does not apply in the call scenario.
  • “Yes” means the feature is supported and/or presented.
  • “No” means the feature is not supported and/or presented.